LTP Happilus

LTP Happilus

Here at Happilus, we understand that damaged hair is one of your biggest beauty concerns. We have a solution for you! The LTP Happilus Repair for your Hair is a revolutionary product that restores your hair to its former glory by combating all three phases of hair damage: breakage, dehydration and loss of luster. Formulated with a collection of innovative ingredients and nutrients, it replenishes moisture levels without causing irritation or buildup. Just apply after shampooing to restore life and strength to your tresses. LTP Happilus Multiple Protein Therapy is one of its kind, with high protein and minerals used. L.T.P Happilus is an combination of Enriched Herbal oils and polymer compounds offers the ultimate professional resurfacing experience for damaged and over processed hair. The resurfacing therapy helps visibly resurface damaged hair resulting in up to 81%* less surface damage. For optimal results, It will instantly detangle your hair leaving it soft and protected This L.T.P Happilus is ideal for damaged and dry hair, even if your hair is fine, Its lightweight formula will not weigh your hair down, but will provide long-lasting intense moisture This advanced technology from Happilus restores moisture to hair that has been damaged by chemical treatment or styling


How to Use?

  • Pre-treatment in Professional

Before coloring or perm, Put L.T.P and purified water in a bowl as same rate 1:1 and mix well. Apply L.T.P on the damaged hair with proper brush,after 3 min apply coloring or perm cream without washing.


  • Intermediate-treatment in Professional

In the process of perm straightening, before Neutralizing (after wash straightening perm cream), Apply a very little L.T.P on the hair and process 3-5 min and process press ironing with straightener without wash.


  • Sole treatment (hair Clinic) in Professional

After Shampoo, Apply L.T.P on the hair and cover with a plastic hair cap and process for 25min, if required, use additional heat. Remove the plastic hair cap and process more time for 10 – 15 min in natural state, then wash the hair and dry.


  • Home clinic

After shampoo, apply L.T.P on the hair instead of hair conditioner and process more than 5min. if required (for severe hair damage), use a plastic hair cap and process for 25min.


  • Coloring cream with L.T.P (Coloring Clinic)

Mix L.T.P into the mixture of Coloring cream as much as 5% of the amount of mixture of coloring cream. Apply on the hair the mixture of coloring cream and L.T.P.