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Eco Hair Technologies of HAPPILUS is based on HANMARU Beauty Group that is headquarter in S.Korea.
HANMARU Beauty Group pursues Eco and Health Conscious Hair Technology through constant research and development with the best researchers and accumulated technology know-how. Serving with beauty and health is our corporate value.

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We wish every one who comes in our Salon become very happy, meeting with HAPPILUS comes to happiness and blessing for all.
HANMARU technology labs are researching and developing cosmetics, dermatology, medicine, etc.,
Focusing on the hair care research team of cosmetics, we are looking for the most suitable raw materials for various hair, and we are developing the best products to meet the needs of both customers and hair designers based on cutting-edge equipment and excellent technology.

It’s a brand that applies high-quality Hair and skin care products, cosmetics to bring out your natural beauty. To achieve our brand values of Perfection in Branding and Beauty, we are dedicated to creating beauty experiences that fit your lifestyle. We believe you can be radiantly beautiful every day, whether it be when working at a business meeting or enjoying time with friends.

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Professional hair clinics are prepared according to various hair characters. Enjoy health conscious and customer oriented service

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